Ep. 31: Interview with Ghost Crier

January 22, 2018

In this week's episode, Nikki and Maranda interview local paranormal investigation group, Ghost Crier about the origin of their interest in the field, how investigations are conducted, and their findings in their most recent investigation.

Ep. 30: Horrifying Fairy Tales

December 27, 2017

This week, enjoy your holiday and gather around the fire with us as we discuss the most horrible forgotten fairy tales we know.  In the meantime, don't forget to send us your weird tales at qotdpodcast@gmail.com, and if you're still listening on Sound Cloud, please download the Podbean app before the New Year. Starting in February, our subscription on that site will end and we will be hosted through Podbean. You can also find us on ITunes, Stitchr, and YouTube.  Happy Holidays, and don't forget to tell ghost stories around the fire this year!

Ep. 29: Battle of the Haunted Objects

December 4, 2017

This week, Rachel and Maranda fight it out for the title of "best haunted object". Maranda discusses a lesser known haunted object while Rachel delves into one of the most well known haunted objects. Listen to the end to find out who wins

Ep. 28: Thanksgiving Dinner

November 20, 2017

This week the ladies delve back into the true crime drama and celebrate Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, this is a Thanksgiving episode that may ruin your decadent meal... The ladies are jumping into the topic of cannibalism. This episode is not for the faint of heart... so maybe wait and listen after you've finished your family meal.

Ep. 27: Halloween Countdown Pt. 2

October 23, 2017

This week, the ladies continue their Halloween countdown with two of their favorite haunted house TV series. The ladies also discuss the place of American Horror Story in the world today and discuss why they think it became so popular. Rachel is still missing from this week's episode, but listen closely for her possible return date!

Ep. 26: Halloween Countdown Pt. 1

October 9, 2017

In this week, Maranda and Nikki talk about their favorite films to watch for Halloween. Nikki delves into a Halloween staple that has followed her since childhood and Maranda opens the conversation about the nostalgia of Halloween and why the magic disappears as an adult. The ladies end the episode with a discussion of something that scared them recently.

Ep. 25: Happy Birthday, Stephen King

September 25, 2017

This week the queens are down 1 cohost, but, Nikki and Maranda do compensate by talking about their favorite horror icon... the King himself. Because Stephen King recently turned 70, the ladies decide to celebrate by discussing their favorite short stories by him, the new "It" adaptation, and anything they can think of relating to the King.

Ep.24: Local Murders

September 11, 2017

This week the ladies tackle true crime once again but this episode hits close to home. The ladies discuss local murders occurring around their hometowns in the Quad Cities of Iowa and Illinois. Nikki and Rachel discuss two murders that received national attention, while Maranda delves into a lesser known, but just as gruesome, murder. Rachel shares her personal connection to the murder she chose and how it affected her family. 

Ep. 23: Pick a Decade- The 20’s & 30’s

August 28, 2017

This week Maranda and Rachel begin a new series: Pick a Decade. In this episode, the ladies cover horror films from the 20's and 30's to outline the origins of the horror genre we see today. 3 films from each decade are discussed alongside the legacy they left behind.
We would like to remind listeners that the next episode will be available on the 11th of September. This is our last weekly episode and will now be moving back to bi-weekly.

Ep. 22: Final Girls

August 21, 2017

In this week's episode, Nikki, Rachel, and Maranda discuss how the final girl trope has affected the horror genre. Rachel opens up with the episode with a discussion of Men, Women, and Chainsaws by Carol J. Clover and how the term "final girl" was coined. The ladies then discuss their favorite final girls, ranging from classics to the 2000s, and how they either fit or don't fit the final girl trope. The conversation bounces around a bit as the ladies examine the overall representation of women in film and how this affects reality.